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Our executive search firm experts here at Urban Recruiting & Consulting work directly with the decision makers at many high profile companies in the Front Range area who rely on us to deliver top tier talent. Take a minute to fill out our streamlined Candidate Profile, and begin taking steps towards achieving the career you desire with our top executive search firms resources!

The field of talent acquisition is such a specialized trade, an entire industry exists solely dedicated to it. Let the executive search firm experts at Urban Recruiting & Consulting get it right the first time, so that your business operations can stay focused on institutional expertise. Take a minute to fill out our streamlined Company Profile to begin finding top tier talent today! 


Here at Urban Recruiting & Consulting, we understand that a business is only as good as the talent it keeps. Because of this, it’s no mystery that attracting the right talent can make or break key business objectives. Our trusted executive search firm talent experts can help drive your business visions by delivering top talent to your organization so that energy can be focused on the important institutional goals. Whether it be hiring, training, salary consultation, or employee relations, the experts at Urban Recruiting & Consulting bring the best practices of top executive search firms in the industry when it comes to your talent acquisition.